Artist Statement

          The pictorial and conceptual ideas in my work are often expressed through a personal lens. What is a very therapeutic and meditative process for myself I hope has a similar effect on the viewer. My goal in creating a body of work or even a single piece is to give the audience something that is aesthetically engaging, but will also resonate with the viewers humanity upon examination. The overall vision for my work is a passionate celebration of what it is I love about visual art as well as using those qualities to process both personal and collective experiences. I want to provide an impact of aesthetics accompanied with narratives that can be further contemplated.    
          I approach the production of most pieces with a general feeling or idea in mind. However, I also tend to work in layers that are being put down with the raw energy of the moment, reacting and improvising as I go. For me creative success within a given project means producing an honest, accessible expression of my own consciousness. This expression can serve not only as a form of reflection, but also as an avenue for greater connection, understanding and dialogue with the world around me.